Six Tips for SEO Link Building in 2023

Anyone trying to carve out a visible corner of the digital world for themselves knows that optimizing your content to appeal to search engines is critical. A huge part of SEO comes down to link building, or efforts to increase both the quantity and quality of inbound links. While the task may seem daunting, there are steps you can take to speed up the process.

Take Advantage of Link Building Tools

There is a wide variety of SEO link-building tools that can streamline your strategy. Options like Ahref, SEMrush, and Moz Pro can provide insights in terms of your current performance, guiding you in terms of what your next steps should be.

Clean Up Existing Links

It may not seem fair, but your site’s search performance can take a hit if too many disreputable sites link to it. Using tools like Google Search Console, you can disavow those links.

Research Your Competitors

By looking at your competitors and identifying the most common, high-quality sites that link to their content, you can begin to map out low-hanging fruit for outreach efforts in your SEO link building strategy. For a more efficient approach, resources like the Common Backlinks Tool can make the process much simpler.

Invest in Social Media

It is a generally accepted fact that strategic social media efforts can improve the standing of a brand, but these activities can also support the link building process. Twitter, in particular, provides significant opportunities. For instance, you might link to the same survey publication multiple times over with different copy each time, simply pulling out distinct insights for each iteration. This increases the odds of retweets, driving not only traffic and helping to accumulate brand authority, but augmenting the odds of your content being linked to by interested parties.

Foster Relationships with Influencers

If you want not only links from properties that search algorithms will like but that will direct the kind of traffic you crave your way, attempt to connect with influencers who have sway with your target audience. This will not only bolster the results for your SEO link-building strategy but help to elevate your own clout.

Publish Quality Content

At the end of the day, the most important ingredient in a successful SEO link building strategy is writing content that people want! If you say something worth hearing, the links are far more likely to increase in both quality and quantity.

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